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 ROLEPLAY FORUM RULES {Please read if you haven't already!}

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PostSubject: ROLEPLAY FORUM RULES {Please read if you haven't already!}   Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:57 pm

Alrighty everyone! This is what we've been waiting for for quite a while: THE ROLEPLAY! Yes, I'm very excited myself. If you aren't, well, how could you not be?! xD

So here are just some basic rules that you need to follow when you roleplay on here.

1. Most words, in example: swears, are permitted here. However, don't swear to each other, and don't use absolutely EXTREME swears (you should know what I'm talking about) or you will face consequences. (To be specific, the consequences are on the Webbie.) And nothing too inappropriate please!
2. Keep it PG13 / PG14. We ARE off Neopets, but that doesn't mean that we should be too vulgar with our roleplay. When it comes to blood and gore, that's fine. Just don't make it so detailed that it'll make us want to throw up. When it comes to relationships between other characters, that's fine as well. But as I said -- Keep it PG 13.
3. Use OOCs and BICs. This entire forum will be for roleplay only. If you want to talk outside of the roleplay, please talk on the Guild's Neopets board.
4. Posts here will be added to your Neopets account's post total in the guild. This way, you can move up in rank quickly if you talk and roleplay a lot!
5. When you roleplay with more than one of your own characters, please use a different font colour! This makes it easier with everyone that you're roleplaying with. =) Just no colours that'll make our eyes hurt.
6. NO Godmoding/Powerplaying allowed! This was also mentioned in the guild rules, and it was technically made for the roleplay. So I'll repeat it again just in case you guys have forgotten already. (;
7. There can be more than 2 people roleplaying in a thread! However, to avoid confusion, you should all have different font colours. To join a thread, you should ask the others already there if it would be alright with them for you to join.
8. ALL other guild rules apply to here as well as Forum Motion's rules!

Now let me explain to how roleplay threads will work.

On the Roleplay section {which should be the ONLY place you will be able to post unless you are an admin.} there are three sections. To keep things organized, please roleplay where your characters will be. The three sections are pretty open, therefore you won't have to change from thread to thread.

When you begin roleplaying, ALWAYS make an introduction! And of course, introductions are the most fun (and sometimes, difficult) posts to have. If you haven't figured already, an introduction includes the setting. {Place, time, etc.}

We highly advise not to have your characters in the same location, unless you have more than enough to roleplay elsewhere.

And if you have any questions: you know the drill. Neomail or PM an Admin/Council member. =)

Have fun guys! C:

XO - Gabby

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ROLEPLAY FORUM RULES {Please read if you haven't already!}
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