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 Gabby's Charries ♥

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PostSubject: Gabby's Charries ♥   Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:43 pm

I confess, I messed up.

NAME: Travis Pullman
AGE: 41, appears to be 27.
SPECIES: Made Vampire

I don't blame you for being you...
{ Appearance }

At an average height, Pancho has pretty average build, though a bit buffer. He has tattoos covering most of his arms, but are usually hidden because of the hoodies he usually wears. Pancho usually wears skinny jeans of all colours, and a plain coloured tee or graphic/band shirts underneath his sweaters. He's got wide brown eyes and short black hair, but long bangs in the front that part to his right. His skin tone is rather tan/olive.

But you can't blame me for hating it.
{ Personality }

Pancho is a pretty outgoing guy. He can get along with all sorts of people, but he does find a few to be difficult. Having fun is what he likes to do most, and is what he does best. Sometimes cracking a joke is a little difficult, but it can be controlled. Pancho cares about those close to him greatly and is the kind of guy that would give up the world for that person.

She said "What are you waiting for?
{ History }

CASE #183-A
We first see the unraveling. I've watched him... change. We've been able to keep him at peace with a blend I've created but... that seems to be failing. He spends every waking hour plotting revenge against those who turned him: those who walk in the shadowed places forgotten by the sun. He hates all of them, but they live in fear of him.

Life was great for Travis Pullman. He had a beautiful girl, best friends, and an awesome little brother. That all changed one night when he saw exactly what the woman was -- a Vampire. She was feeding on his little brother Nick... filled with countless emotions, Pancho was about to approach her but something strange happened. The world went black, and when he had opened his eyes, his throat was scorching, and he craved for blood. Scared of what he had turned into, Pancho exiled himself from everyone else, but was found by Witches. They took him in, and trained him how to control himself. From that day on, he knew what he wanted to do: destroy the woman that made him into a monster, and find his little brother.

Kiss up, kiss up."
{ Abilities }

As a vampire, Pancho has superhuman strength and speed. Though he has no extra special abilities, his ability to jump is far greater than most for distance and height. When he gets angry, his skin turns a bit... green.

I set my clocks early 'cause I know I'm always late.
{ Misc. Info. }

FAMILY: Nicholas "Nick" Pullman
ENEMIES: Arcane creatures, and most Vampires.

Images found on search engines, therefore, they do not belong to me.
Lyrics by Fall Out Boy.


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Posts : 440
Join date : 2010-07-20
Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Gabby's Charries ♥   Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:00 pm

Oh baby, you're a classic.

NAME: Tiffany Blews
NICKNAME: None, really, but she doesn't mind being called Tiff. TIFFY really annoys her though!
AGE: 15
GENDER: Female, of course!
SPECIES: Gifted Human

Like a little black dress
- - - - - > appearance

HEIGHT: 5"4.5
Tiffany is a short girl, but that's something she's never really cared about for all her life. With striking electric blue hair, she's always stood out. Her outfits are rather strange as well and they consist of skirts or dresses with lots and lots of "frill", leather, and studs to it. However, she will absolutely NEVER ever wear anything bright pink in her life. Necklaces and rings have always been her favourite accessories, along with fingered gloves of some sort. She has a piercing on her nose and right side of her lip, but Tiff doesn't wear it all the time. Her eyes are a bright aquamarine/teal colour. Her skin is rather pale since she finds tanning a waste of time and outdoor activities disgusting.

You're a faded moon
- - - - - > personality

It may seem a bit cliché since she's short, but Tiffany can come across as annoying at first. She's very inquisitive, and a bit of an information pack rat {even though she forgets things frequently}. It's all for the good though. When someone she cares for is feeling down, she'll know exactly how to cheer you up no matter what. With a cheerful personality, Tiffany doesn't like others acting negative around her. She'll ALWAYS do her best to cheer them up. She likes photography very much... though it bothers others frequently since she takes pictures all the time. When it comes to others caring for her, Tiffany doesn't like being treated like she's a baby, even if she can act immature like one sometimes. She can be very sensitive and emotional {some refer to her as a crybaby.} but only if the person hurting her feelings is someone she is close to.

Stuck on a little hot mess.
- - - - - > history

Tiffany's had a bit of an irregular childhood. Her parents were busy toy inventors and always treated her as if she was like a Barbie doll -- They would dress her up in odd clothes and act as if she were an actual living doll. This is the main reason why Tiffany looks the way she does, but, she's learned to love the way she is now.
When she was little, she's learned of her secret little gift. Whenever she had used it around her parents, they would always wonder how or why it happened, and Tiffany had never told them.
Born and raised in New York, Tiffany and her family have moved all across the state and have resided in New York City for a few years now. This allowed her to meet many people and make the information she's learned quite useful. When Wynne Ace moved to town, she was Tiffany's new obsession and has "stalked" her for quite a while now, along with Wynne's best friend Liam Graham.
Little does Tiffany know that by doing this, she's in a hell of a lot of danger.

They say, they only want
the best wishes for me.

abilities < - - - - -

She may be human, but she certainly isn't a regular one. Tiffany has the power to create invisible force fields that can also act as shields around herself and a desired target. Though this may seem like only an defensive skill, it can easily be used as an offensive as well by pushing others away. In addition to this, she can levitate, float or hover... if she tries hard enough.

Three, two, one
we go live.

| | misc. info. | |

ENEMIES: None in general.

*images found on search engines, therefore, I own no rights to them whatsoever.
Pictures edited by me.
Lyrics by Fall Out Boy.

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Posts : 440
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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Gabby's Charries ♥   Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:18 pm

I have come for you tonight.

NAME: Wynne Ace
NICKNAME: Winnie the Pooh
AGE: 16
GENDER: Female

* * appearance .

Almost the exact opposite of her Twin Rayne with basic looks, Wynne has fine blonde hair that runs past her shoulders. A trait that may seem invisible at first would be her eyes. At one look you can see a sky blue, but look closer and you can see that her left eye is tinged with a lavender/violet. With an average figure, Wynne may not seem to be the most athletic type but she is more athletic than some.

Look in my eyes, and take my hand.
* * personality .

As an Ace, Wynne strives for success in everything she does. She enjoys hunting (though part of her feels sorry for all she slays), does well in school and sports if she tries, but that isn't exactly what she does best in. Her forte is video games of all sorts, as it has always been her favourite pastime. She can get along with pretty much everyone she meets, and is usually content. However, when things must be taken seriously, she's absolutely focused on getting the job done. Not exactly what you would call the girliest girl, Wynne isn't like the majority of girls her age.

Give yourself up to me.
* * history .

With her true past unknown, Wynne was raised by Witches in Chicago, Illinois. For almost 16 years she never knew about her Twin, but just her parents died when she was very young. Which really is true, but the fine print was hidden. Wynne was raised to be an average girl, but she certainly didn't act like one. She and the Witches moved to New York City which is where she met her twin Rayne.

Take me far away...
* * abilities .

As a Slayer, she must always be in top shape {and usually manages to be} for any unexpected fight. Her best field would be doing recon/problem solving rather than fighting on the field.

Close your eyes, and hold your breath.
* * misc. info. .

FAMILY: Twin Sister: Rayne Ace
ENEMIES: The Arcane, of course!
LIKES: Disney movies, video games, volleyball, music {Alternative}, ice cream, and her job.
DISLIKES: Raisins, spiders, a certain icky shade of green, and too much homework.

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Posts : 440
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Age : 23
Location : The World That Never Was

PostSubject: Re: Gabby's Charries ♥   Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:27 pm

Hear you want to travel I've been told.

NAME: David Fair
AGE: 19
SPECIES: Formerly a Gifted Human; Changed to Vampire by Meri

May be just a careful
but I'm not quite sold.


HEIGHT: 5'3/5'4
Dave is rather short compared to most people, with an average build. His medium/long hair can be described as a sandy/dirty blonde or a light brown. Depending on his surroundings, his eyes can appear to be a light jade green or a light brown with a hint of topaz. Dave's clothing can't exactly be defined, except for hats. He is almost NEVER seen without a hat. His favourite attire consists of a pair of jeans, some sort of band shirt, and a hat. Though it isn't visible with his hair in the way, he has long sideburns on the side.

I'm addicted to the difference
between tomorrow and today.


Shy at first, Dave isn't usually the type to approach others to make friends. He usually sticks around with those he knows unless it's necessary to mingle. To his friends, though, he's very kind {some can describe him as sweet! Wink}. Dave is rather lazy at times, but will do everything necessary. When picked on, be it a friend, ally, or himself, he will always stand up for them no matter what. His strong sense of justice and beliefs are what keep him going. Dave also likes to add humour whenever possible to make things more enjoyable.

this is my confession.


After moving away from his hometown Chicago to attend school in New York, Dave hopes to try his best to forget about his past: witnessing his parents' death the year before. Ever since he saw them leave with his own eyes, he had his first death vision... he tried, screaming after them to come back, but he couldn't speak a word about it. Now he's trying to start all over again, putting the past behind, but how can he when he can see everyone dying in front of him?

This is me confessing

When it comes to doing his school work, he may not be the best, but he does a decent job. Sports and athletic activity aren't really his thing.
As a gifted human, Dave's power is rather grim. He can see how each person will die, and most of the time, when they will die. However, he is unable to tell the person for if he does, no words would come out of his mouth. Even other forms of communication will fail.

The lesson to staying selfish;
misc. info.

LIKES: music {mixed genres}, black licorice, sleeping, vinyls {he's a record nerd}, and comic books.
DISLIKES: too much work, math, and control freaks.

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Gabby's Charries ♥
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