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 Allison's Characters :D

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PostSubject: Allison's Characters :D   Fri Aug 13, 2010 4:52 am

Name: Gabriel Anthony Whittington

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: English/Creative Writing Professor at NYU

Hobbies: Gabriel is a fairly simple person. As if he were born a century ago, he enjoys things such painting and drawing - although admitedly, he is not very good - reading, and particularly writing stories and poetry here and there. He has no pets but wishes he had a dog to take walks on, but takes walks by himself often to appease this absence, as his landlord does not allow pets. He enjoys B-rated horror films, music - although dismisses anything classical because of his upbringing - and likes taking naps when it rains. He is a bit lazy and is rather like a human cat.

Vices: He smokes, a habit he picked in high school he has yet to shake

History: Although he rarely lets on, Gabriel has had a rather unique upbringing. He is the son of Gerard Whittington who was a famous violinist and made a respectable living from this talent. However, when Gerard was in his late twenties, he had a slightly tipsy encounter with a prostitute named Adrianne. After spending the night with her, he fell in love with her, and insisted that she come with him. But naturally, being a prostitute, the night before had simply been an act as it was her job. She did not feel the same, but he was insistent. He became obsessed and wrote letters to her that she never answered and sent gifts that went unacknowledged. Months later, his doorbell rang, and when he answered there was no one there but a baby in blankets on his doorstep. There was no note, but Gerard knew instantly the baby was his and Adrianne's from the baby's grey eyes and dark curls that resembled her own. At this point in his life, Gerard had nearly thrown away his career for his obsession, was a drunk, and suffered from a depression he refused to admit. Gerard named the boy Gabriel Anthony Whittington, Anthony being the middle name of Gerard's own father. As a child, Gabriel was forced to learn the violin by his father, and despite the fact that Gabriel inherited a knack for it from his father, his skill was never good enough for Gerard. Gerard experienced constant fits of drunken rage, often at Gabriel's expense, and could never express any kind of love or affection for Gabriel because of his striking resemblance to his mother. It is likely Gerard had a chemical imbalance which was triggered by his sudden obsession with Adrianne, and therefore, he was constantly unhappy, angry, and threw his life away s which resulted in Gabriel and he living in the London slums for the majority of Gabriel's youth.

When Gabriel was eighteen, his father died due to his alocohol addiction, and Gabriel left immediately to study English at a university. He was given such an education through numerous part-time jobs in high school, scholarships, and quite a bulky student loan. In college, he met Roselyn Fairchild, whom he started dating. Gabriel was born in Great Britain but moved to America with Roselyn when he was twenty-three to continue his education at NYU and where she had gotten a career opportunity as an intern. When he was twenty-six and was searching around for a job, and living with Roselyn in Brooklyn, he came home to their apartment one evening to find her dead. Although the authorities always said it was a break-in/murder, Gabriel had always felt it was something more than just a simple murder considering nothing had been stolen, they had left no damage other than her body, and her body had been drained of blood. Now he is a professor at NYU

Appearance: Gabriel has always been constantly reminded by his father about he looks so much like his mother. He is fairly tall but not noticebly so, lean but neither buff nor lanky. He has somewhat feminine, full lips, striking pale gray eyes, and thick eyebrows. Gabriel is fair complexioned with prominent cheekbones and a defined bonestructure. Lastly, he has wavy, dark hair that reaches his jawline and can appear black in certain lights although it is simply dark brown.

Personality: For the most part, Gabriel is easy-going. He avoids confrontation, is quiet and observant, and tends to keep to himself. While he is not out-right rude, he can come off as stand-offish when first meeting someone, aloof, or stoic. However, once getting past his stiff exterior, he is loyal, comical, and dynamic. Gabriel has also been noted for a dry/dark sense of humor. He is actually extrememly nosy despite the fact he is very secretive, therefore making him somewhat hypocritical. He can be over-bearing, as well, prone to moodswings, and lacks belief in himself. Ever since Roselyn's death, he has grown somewhat bitter, lethargic, and hates that he's starting to resemble the father he'd always hated.

ah, I hope this is all ok. D:
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PostSubject: Waverly Medina   Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:31 pm

Name: Waverly Renee Medina

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Witch

Abilities: Because she is a human, her abilities are fairly mild, but she is prone to premonitions, usually when she is sleeping. However, every now and then, she will be awake and she will receive a premonition. Furthermore, being a 'natural witch' her spells have a tendency to come true.

Occupation: She works at the independent record store Other Music, Inc. in East Village

Hobbies: Waverly has always liked to read, and devours any book she can get her hands on. Along with that, she spends her nights going to see live shows, video games - particularly Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy - and shopping, usually for clothes or CDs. Admittedly, she is a shop-o-holic and acutally couldn't afford to go to Columbia because of lack of funds. But being a Wiccan, tought to her by her grandmother, she also spends her time reading her family's spell book which as been passed through the generations and is rather like a spell 'cookbook.'

Appearance: Waverly is of average height with curly, dark brown hair that reaches past her shoulders. She has dark green eyes, that at first appear dark brown, olive skin, with just the faintest freckling on the bridge of her nose. She has full lips, thin eye brows, a pronounced bonestructure, and wishes she had better curves, Clothing-wise, Waverly is a fashion chameleon. One day she will go for the Kurt Cobain grunge look while the next she will wear a floral skirt and strap on some pearls. You could find her in just about anything except name brands as she loves to thrift shop.

Personality: For the most part, Waverly is a sarcastic, dark-humored, cynical person. She doesn't like children, or people for that matter, and is more of a fighter than a lover. Not to say that she is unkind. It would be more appropriate to describe her as a people-pleaser but not a people-person. She never wants to disappoint those who expect things of her, but don't think that she's not making a rude comment or two in her head. Despite her prickly exterior, Waverly is quick-minded, tough, and a good person to have on your side because of her loyalty. However, she is prideful and holds a grudge longer than she should. As for her wiccan practices, she is a good witch, using her magic for things such as healing and protection, as knows that what you bring out into the world comes back at you three-fold.

History: When Waverly was younger, her grandmother Renee - whom she also received her middle name from - taught her about Wicca, and explained that their family came from a long line of witches, but not the kind you read in Harry Potter or watched in The Craft. She explained that Wicca was a branch of Paganism that practiced magic. She explained to her the rituals, white magic and black magic, the significance of the lunar phases, candles, etc. Since then, Waverly has not hid her true identity as a witch but hasn't advertised it either - as she knows that would freak some people out and turn her into some labeled 'Goth-punk-grave-robber'.

Waverly had a typical childhood, although was perplexed when she started having premonitions when she turned thirteen. However, despite that her grandmother had already passed away, she learned about the premonitions herself. Once she got older, she also began to understand that creatures such as fairies, slayers, and vampires also existed as well. Likewise, she also learned how to use such things as stakes and crucifixes so that she is always prepared.

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Allison's Characters :D
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