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 Slayers NYC HQ

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PostSubject: Slayers NYC HQ   Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:40 pm

ooc; I'm sorry it took me a while. I've had quite a few assignments since school started. >.>

bic; In an apartment close to Grovecrest High School, a Witch named Ana sat down on the black leather couches, absolutely bored out of her mind. As she held a Cosmopolitan issue with one perfectly manicured hand, she fiddled with the end of her long grey cardigan. They haven't been in the city for too long and Ana was already sitting there, wondering what on Earth she could possibly do.
As she flipped through the pages, she sighed.
I wish something interesting would happen today, she thought, scrunching her nose as she saw early advertisements for Halloween, spotting a pointy witch hat.
Ana was in charge of both Wynne and Liam. Since both of her "kids" were at school, she had nothing to do back at home. A home that also doubled as their headquarters. The roomy apartment may have seemed normal at first, but to one that would take their time to explore it, there were some hidden things such as weapons to use against a wandering Arcane, and of course, Ana's "tools". The bookshelves were stocked with many spellbooks, along with guides about Arcane creatures.

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Slayers NYC HQ
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