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 Olive Tree Cafe

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PostSubject: Olive Tree Cafe   Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:07 pm

Eistir sighed as the only coustmer in the cafe left. It had been a slow day and she ahd switched shifts with one of the girls who had a doctors appointment that day. I skipped class for nothing. She sighed again making herself a cappuccino. I wish someone would just come in. She looked at her phone and read 12:30. "shift is almost over" she muttered to herself. taking a sip of her drink. She had gotten to work at seven in the morning and the place had been pratically dead since. But Eistir wasn't complaining to much. that meant she had time to get done the homework she had neglected to do. She was tmepted to cut out early and actually go to class.
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Olive Tree Cafe
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